Doug Noland

Weekly Commentary: That’s on Them

It was immoral for Bernanke to have slashed savings rates to zero and forced savers into the securities markets. The upshot: Tens of millions of Americans are now actively speculating on ever-rising stock prices. In a system skewed for the “haves” and against the “have-nots,” we’re forced to participate in a speculative Bubble for fear of being the chumps left behind. There will be consequences.

Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: Short-Term Unsustainable

For years now, I’ve listened as Washington politicians and central bankers admit to the obvious – that the trajectory of our federal debt is unsustainable – while invariably arguing it was not the time to be concerned or address it. With Treasuries blowing right through the 100% of GDP milepost – and likely poised to reach 125% within the next year or two – there’s no time like the present to recognize our nation is in serious fiscal trouble.

Doug Noland’s Credit Bubble Bulletin: The Reality of Financial Dominance

How enormous will deficits balloon when this historic financial Bubble bursts? Are $5.0 TN annual deficits an unreasonable guesstimate? No worries, apparently. There’s always the “whatever it takes” Federal Reserve balance sheet. In the financial and economic crisis scenario, does the Fed boost Treasury, MBS, corporate bond and EFT purchases to, say, $500 billion monthly?