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French Rioting to Dump the Euro- Chriss Street

Former French Prime Minister François Fillon shocked the media by saying that voting for the far-right National Front that wants to dump the euro common currency may now be “acceptable.”

Acceptable is a code-word for acknowledging that Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Front party that opposes immigration and euro common currency has such a strong lead in the polls and that French welfare-state politicians better get on board with the rebellious conservatives or be wiped-out in the next election.

Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 – Chriss Street

Since there is a limit of 21 million that may ever be “mined” by the year 2140, Bitcoins are rare units of exchange. The emergence of Bitcoin virtual currency has created a powerful competitor to the dollar that will limit Congress and the Federal Reserve’s effectiveness in fostering inflation as a way to tax away American’s wealth. Welcome to the real full-faith of Gold 2.0.

Europe Cracks Down on Illegal Aliens – Chriss Street

For the last twenty years, European Union members regularly snarled at the United States’ policies against illegal aliens as a selfish violation of human rights. But with thousands of screaming demonstrators protesting against depressed wages and carrying fake coffins emblazoned with the names of politicians, EU Labor Ministers in Brussels were forced on December 17th […]

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China Moon Landing Seen As Nuclear Threat – Chriss Street

China’s December 15th soft-landing of an unmanned spacecraft on the moon was celebrated by the Xinhua news agency as, “The dream for lunar exploration once again lights up the China Dream”. China’s neighbors saw the action as a nightmare demonstration of China’s ability to launch a Multiple Reentry Vehicle ballistic missile, whose payload can deploy […]

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California Voters Agree State is Expensive and Lacks Jobs – Chriss Street

The Field Poll on December 12th reported the number of Californian voters who believe the state is “one of the best places to live” has been cut in half since 1985, dropping from almost 80% to just over 40% today. According to the poll: “Despite this general dissatisfaction a majority of liberals, registered Democrats, and voters living in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area rate the state as one of the best places to live.” Not surprisingly, less than a third of Republicans, conservatives and voters living in state’s rural Central Valley describe the state in positive terms. But the polling does confirm that over 90% of Californians are in agreement on two important issues, the state’s cost of living is outrageous and job prospects are lousy.

Only Private Sector Stimulates Job Growth – Chriss Street

The main-stream media were shocked today when U.S. job growth continued at a very strong pace in November, despite the October government shutdown that ended on October 17th. Employers added 203,000 jobs and the reported unemployment rate fell from 7.3% to 7%, its lowest level since November 2008. Economists had predicted a rise of only […]

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Why China is Ending One Child Policy – Chriss Street

China just announced that after 34 years of restricting population growth through its one-child policy, the nation will now allow families to have two children if one of the parents is an only child. The policy “initially produced a population pyramid optimal to economic growth – that is, where the largest segments of the population […]

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Nobel Prize Winner Warns of Stock Market Risk – Chriss Street

With the Dow Jones stock index up 115% from March 2009 to an all-time and the number of bearish investors at the lowest point in 25 years, it should not be surprising that this years’ Nobel Prize winning economist, Robert Shiller, would warn over the weekend that greedy investors might be blowing themselves a dangerous […]

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California voters are becoming critical of the job Barack Obama is doing as President. According to the latest Field Poll reveals that 51% of California voters approve of the President’s overall performance, but 43% now disapprove. This represents an 8 point increase coming from some of the President’s strongest former supporter groups since July. The […]


Energy Drives Asian Military Confrontation – Chriss Street

China’s Ministry of Defense on November 30th at 10 AM local time began enforcing an expanded Air Defense Identification Zone, which now covers a huge off-shore expanse that includes the disputed oil rich Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Forced to rely the Middle East oil for electrical production, Asian energy costs are surging and supply has become unstable due to the continuing Arab Spring turmoil. With American domestic energy costs falling as supplies surge due to the boom in fracking for shale oil and gas, Chinese manufacturers are becoming economically uncompetitive on a cost basis compared to the U.S. producers. With China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea equally desperate to save jobs by exploiting potentially cheap and abundant off-shore oil, energy economics will drive military confrontations in Asia.