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Author: Bears Chat at The Wall Street Examiner

The one chart that keeps Bernanke up at night…Spock – Bears Chat

…nervously pacing the floor, popping Ambien and Lunesta like M&Ms, and muttering to himself:

“But my models SAID this would work…”

That chart, of course, being this one:


…whereby it is revealed that the “MOPS” (Masses of Proles) continue to refuse to further bury themselves in debt in order to keep the Ponzi Monetary System from imploding.

And this precipitous drop in MOPs borrowing has taken place DESPITE the fact that Bernanke and his fellow Fed Pigmen have pumped:


…into the moribund financial system over the past five years, and Uncle Thug has blown:


…by following the Keynesian “prescription” of fighting too much debt with…you guessed it…more deficit-spending/debt!!!

(Spock Conclusion): Bernanke is getting a real-world education, which is quite different than the cloistered, insulated, mathematically-constructed, life he lived as a college professor. For, as the graph above shows, “The best laid plans…” often completely disintegrate when they meet brutal reality.

Furthermore, this frustration that Bernanke is experiencing may indeed explain why he is “tiptoeing toward the exit”, and leaving the mess he created to the next Fed Head, should anybody be insane enough to want to be the fool who tries to lord over this nightmare.

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