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The Spin on Cyprus Gold Sale Rumor Is “Back Asswards” – Aaron Krowne – The Implode-o-Meter

by Aaron Krowne Founder, The Implode-o-Meter There’s been plenty of press about the gold (and silver) “crash” of April 12 and 15th, most of it yielding a not-so-subtle schadenfreude stench.  This is not so surprising, as anyone who has been openly positive about the precious metals’ prospects given today’s “new normal” of unprecedented “high-powered” money-printing…

ECB Adds Record Amounts of Trash Says Krowne

Reposted from ML-Implode.com with publisher’s permission. Via Bloomberg (snarky remarks from us at bottom) — The European Central Bank‘s balance sheet soared to a record 2.73 trillion euros ($3.55 trillion) after it lent financial institutions more money last week to keep credit flowing to the economy during the debt crisis. Lending to euro-area banks jumped 214…

QE2 Shows The Fed Has Failed

Aaron Krowne is the founder of the Mortgage Lender Implode-o-meter. How soon we forget. There has been a lot of good commentary on the Fed’s latest round in its programme of “quantitative easing” (or “QE”), announced Tuesday, for $600 billion in additional bond buying (or is it $900 billion?) But it all seems to have…

The end of shorting ban may mark the MT bottom

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of The Yellow Brick Road. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. Shorting is essential for market stability, it provides liquidity and short covering prevents big crashes. It’s an open question if the authorities engineered the market crash on purpose or the shorting ban was just a knee-jerk…

The Shrinking Pie Effect

It seems to me that predominating now in the markets is something that could be called the “shrinking pie effect” (as I try my hand at my own version of Winterisms…) : basically this is the propensity of the credit bubble in the widest sense to continue deflating even as various bailouts and pumping schemes […]

Inside Bernanke’s Brain – The Fed’s Response To The Crisis

The following piece is adapted from a letter to a friend, discussing economist Nouriel Roubini’s “The Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster“; his explanation of why the Fed suddenly aggressively cut rates in January.

I completely agree with Roubini’s assessment as to the severe risks the economy faces. But he is wrong, wrong, wrong and CLUELESS […]