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Good as Gold 2020 Vision 8/25/23

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Over at Intraday Chart Central, the ES 24 hour S&P futures are trying to form a 5 day cycle low. If they get to 4400 by this afternoon, that would tend to confirm.

Otherwise, we’re still looking at a 5 day cycle projection of 4445 or fight.


Meanwhile, the 10 year Treasury yield remains within an uptrend, within an uptrend, within an uptrend.


Meanwhile, Bloomberg is floating a trial balloon about the Fed ending QT because the T-bill issuance is “draining reserves.” That’s just total bullshit. The bill issuance pulls cash out of the banking system for a week, and then the Treasury spends the money, paying beneficiaries, employees, and contractors. The money gets deposited right back in bank accounts and instantly shows up on the Fed’s balance sheet in the banks’ accounts at the Fed.

Which bank deposits at the Fed the econocognoscenti all erroneously refer to as reserves. The reserve requirement is zero. Therefore, these accounts are not “reserves.” They’re just money, just the same as when they are in the Treasury’s account at the Fed, or overnight RRPs RRPs at the Fed, in money market funds or in bank accounts.

It’s all money. It only differs as to the line item at the Fed. It’s like spaghetti on a plate. Only difference is that some of it gets pushed around on the plate, some goes in your mouth, and some comes out in the end.

The mainstream media is ignorant on purpose.  It gets paid to be ignorant. Same for econ academia. The word academia sounds like a disease. Appropriately. They are all handmaidens to the Wall Street Mob. Pimps.

But they’re useful pimps. Once the trial balloons are floated, you know that it’s coming. Usually the lead time is about 6 months from the first balloon. The end of QT is coming.

Here’s Why Gold Needs 2020 Vision

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