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White House: “Weather practically everywhere is being caused by climate change” – Bruce Krasting

So Obama went to California to talk drought and climate change. He brought some cash with him to help the state cope with the water shortage. The Prez is right to be worried about this drought, after all, Cali is 15% of the US economy. The only question is how big the hit to CA/US GDP is going to be. The President’s new plan is have the Ag department come up with $100 million for cattle farmers. There is also $5m for communities that are literally running out of water. So it’s 20 to 1 in favor of the cattlemen. Great plan… As Obama headed west,  the White House’s Science Assistant, John Holdren, had this to say about the California drought:

“Weather practically everywhere is being caused by climate change”

Really? It’s all climate change?   There are many forces that shape weather patterns. One of the most significant is the El Nino/ La Nina cycles. This is what NOAA has to say about the connection between El Nino and rainfall in the South West:

El Niño results in increased precipitation across California and the southern tier of states

elninorain_edited-1   The California drought has persisted for the past three years. It’s no coincidence that there have been no El Nino conditions during this time period:     noaadata     The WH has a climate agenda – this is payback for a lot of support (money). Okay, but when the chief scientist at the WH ignores the scientists who actually look at weather patterns,  then one is forced to doubt everything the WH says on the topic.     Misdirection By Holdren??? U.S. President Obama gets direction from White House science adviser Holdren during event on South Lawn at White House in Washington

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