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Virtual Portfolios – Updates – Market Shadows

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Our value-oriented stocks continue to reward the Virtual Value Portfolio with outstanding gains. Our $100,000 virtual account had grown to $122,401 through the close on Monday, July 8, 2013. We are pleased with both nominal returns and our results versus the S&P 500.

Value Portfolio as of July 8, 2013

We sold one position (HSII) last week for a gain. For now we will retain $4,455 in our cash reserve awaiting the next great buying opportunity.

View all open and previously closed-out positions here.

After our recent put selling binge, we’re happy to hold the current batch of puts (short) and wait for new opportunities. Out of 19 sold puts, only one (Caterpillar Inc., CAT) is trading lower than our break-even price. Click here for the list of (virtual) sold puts.

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Skating on Thin Ice, Keep Life Preservers Handy

We may be skating on very thin ice here, but the weight of the evidence still supports a weak bull case for the near to intermediate term. So I’m adding buy picks on the chart pick list and adjusting trailing stops to account for the risk.

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