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Yen-shorting gamblers getting gored. Spock- Bears Chat

Wow, Forex-trading junkies, betting against the yen, are having their heads handed to them, as shown here:Posted Image

A nearly TEN-PERCENT move in the highly-leveraged currency casinos clearly is destroying not only many hedge fund bettors, but also jillions of little Forex day-traders.

(Spock Conclusion): Things are getting crazy in the various gambling dens, folks. From currency parlors, to equity casinos, to bond betting, the turmoil is undeniable. And with our illustrious Fed Heads meeting next week to decide the “Free Market Politburo Price” of interest rates, and how much more QuantSleazing they are willing to do, all eyes are on Benny (who is quietly inching toward the career exit door) and his Merry Band of Monetary Wizards to “save” the world.

Will these Pigmen come through?

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