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Uncle Thug is now Uncle “Cradle-to-Grave”- Spock- Bear’s Chat

Uncle Thug has literally become the “cradle-to-grave” ruler of the majority of sheeple.

To wit:

1. As shown here:

…Uncle directly employs over FOUR-MILLION people in various government positions–from soldiers to postal workers–making him the single largest employer.

2. As noted in previous posts, Uncle has nationalized Fannie/Freddie/FHLBs, and the Federal Reserve has monetized more than ONE-TRILLION fiatscos of MBS debt, making Uncle “The Slumlord of Last Resort” to tens of millions of homedebtors, and giving him control over more than SIX-TRILLION FIATSCOS of McMortgages.

3. Our not-so-benevolent Uncle also now controls the ONE-TRILLION fiatsco student loan debt, making sure that every liberal-arts-holding college grad is indebted to him, with NO avenue for bankruptcy out of this debt.

4. The Fed also holds billions of fiatscos of McAuto loans, making sure the proles pay Uncle in order to drive (the Fed being the “captive finance arm” of the federal government).

5. Speaking of loans, Uncle also directly offers, or backs, dozens of other loan programs, as noted here:


…to the tune of hundreds of billions more fiatscos.

6. More than fifty million people are on Social Security, with more than ten million of those on disability.

7. More than forty million people also receive food stamps.

8. Uncle also has direct ownership of everything from automobile manufacturers, to insurance companies, and has effectively nationalized the banking system as well.

(Spock Conclusion): I chuckle when I hear the term “Free Enterprise System” applied to these United States. For, as I have proven beyond a doubt, the U.S. has become a full-blown Socialist state, with Uncle Thug taking “cradle-to-grave” control of the sheep’s lives.

And let’s face it: this is what we collectively want, because we (the fifty-percent that actually vote, with a little more than one-half of them, or roughly twenty-five percent, deciding who wins) keep electing politicians that give us more of “The Nanny State”.

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