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The Speculative Rat-Monkeys are Caught Between the BIS Pigmen and Chinese Alpha Thugs. Spock- Bears Chat

Man-oh-man, I wouldn’t wanna be no F12-punching speculative rat-monkey, piled into long-only stock ETFs.

For, as stated in the latest BIS report, found here:

…the “Central Bank of Central Bank Pigmen” has made it clear in this several-hundred-page tome that the liquidity party, thrown by the P-Men central banks over the past five years, is over.

Furthermore, I have been reading about and watching, including here:

…that the Chinese Alpha Thugs are cracking heads in the financial casinos, yanking liquidity from China’s “Shadow Banking System” and clamping down on the rampant gambling that has been taking place. The reason for this action on the part of the Commie A-Thugs is to get the economic collapse out of the way early in Xi Jing-a-Ling’s ten-year tenure, as opposed to later, when it will be far, far worse.

(Spock Conclusion): So, Bernanke’s little warning that “QuantSleaze is gonna end soon” last week appears to be part of a coordinated effort on the part of the AlphaPigs to finally impose a little pain and discipline on the speculative rat/monkeys who have been running amok over the past five years.

Which also doesn’t bode well for all the MOPs who are piled into 401(ks)/IRAs/mutual funds/ETF, hoping and praying that stock and bond markets would continue their relentless march to the sky.

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