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Philly Fed Head Plosser pleads for no more monetization. Spock – Bears Chat

in an interview with chipper little Suzie Gharib, found here:

…Charles Plosser, Philadelphia Fed Head, says that if it were up to him (which it isn’t), he would yank away the punch bowl and leave the chandelier-swinging stock and McHousing gambling addicts high-and-dry, sure to suffer a vicious hangover.

Of course, Suzie peppered Plosser with questions, all but accusing him of conspiracy to murder the economy, but–to his credit–Plosser stuck to his “let them eat cake” philosophy.

(Spock Conclusion): Luckily for the MOPs (Masses of Proles), Plosser is one “hawk” among a flock of “doves” and there is ZERO chance the Fed is gonna turn off the Everclear liquidity spigot anytime soon. However, clearly there is dissension in the ranks of the central bank goons.

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