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LOL, The New York Fed Loses 1.2 Million Fiatscos! (And we trust these guys with TRILLIONS?) Spock- Bears Chat

Heh, ya gotta love the Fed, our “Trusted Central Bank Pigmen”.

For, as being reported all over the place, including here:


…our illustrious Money Manufacturers let 1.2 million fiatscos–in one-hundred dollar bills–“go missing” from a flight from Switzerland.

It turns out, according to the article, that 48-million bucks was on that flight, bound for JFK. Yet, somewhere along the way, somebody cut a hole in the cargo hold and made off with fistfuls of the freshly-flung fiat.

(Spock Conclusion): Notwithstanding the ineptitude of who ever was in charge of “Security”, my questions are threse:

What was 48-million fiatscos doing on that plane? To whom did it belong? Why was it being shipped from Switzerland–a known tax haven–to the NY Fed?

Inquiring Spocks wanna know…

In any event, if they can’t even keep tabs on a measly few million fiatscos, then how can we trust these P-Men to lord over 3.4 TRILLION of them?


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