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Here’s a prime example of the Fed’s arrogance, hubris…and pervasiveness – Bears Chat

It’s all right here: the latest St. Louis Fed “annual Report 2012“, whereby the “Gateway City’s” branch of the Pigman Central Bank toots its horn and pounds its chest over the “recovery” the Fed has engineered since the beginning of “The Great Disintegration” (my term, not the Fed’s) of 2008.

Reading like a combination infomercial and comic book, the report goes on and on (for thirty-four pages, to be exact) about how our illustrious Ponzi Monetary Masters “saved” the world from the economic collapse that they themselves helped create.

Furthermore, the St. Louis Fed touts its “FRED” database/charts and personnel as comprising one of the premier research entities in the world, yet I never once saw a prediction from any of the Fed’s several hundred Ph.D. economists (in St. Louis, or anywhere else) that the economic collapse of 2008 was about to happen. Meanwhile, as noted in previous posts, I was screaming at the top of my lungs that “This can’t go on!!!” right before the crash.

Also, please note, as bragged about in the report, how each Fed branch has its tentacles firmly embedded in the regional economy–from banks, to business, to board members–making this “Good ol’ Boy” network that much more pervasive.

(Spock Conclusion): Of course, there is ZERO chance that we will ever see a return to a specie-backed currency, abolition of fractional reserve lending, and a dismantling of the octopus that is our central bank, but it’s at least fun to poke holes in their hubris.

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