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“Abe-nomics” is Beggaring Thy Neighbors. – Spock – Bears Chat

According to the latest Japanese Alpha Thug economic reports (and governments never lie, do they?), simply by implementing Infinite QuantSleazing and Perpetual Deficit Spending, Japan has managed to out-export its Asian mercantilist rivals. And, as a consequence, Japan’s GDP has jumped.

Also, the stock gamblers in the Japanese equity casino gambling addicts ran up the Nikkei exchange a whopping SIX-HUNDRED POINTS on the news, or nearly five-percent. In one day. Profiting more in a mere session than a 10-year JGB buyer can make in approximately six years.

(Spock Conclusion): See how easy it is to pull out of a twenty-year slump? Simply trash your currency, and “Beggar Your Neighbors”, and you too can export your way to riches AND drive your stock markets higher!!!

In fact, this strategy will prove so popular that I fully expect ALL Asian countries to undertake it.

Heck, for that matter, I guess the entire world will stampede down this proven path to prosperity.

And what could possibly go wrong with that?


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