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Reduced Treasury Supply, Massive Liquidity Inflows, Misreported Economic Data, All Bullish – Professional Edition

Massive misreporting and misreading of economic data to look worse than it is, combined with the Cyprus crisis and fears over the next domino to fall in Europe are driving both US domestic and foreign capital into the Treasury market, with the 10 year Treasury breaking support at 1.80 and heading for a retest of the 1.50 area.

The market will have the most bullish liquidity conditions of the year until the end of the month. In addition to the massive settlement of Fed purchases of MBS at mid month, April 15-18 will also see the paydown of $58 billion in Treasury debt, putting cash back into the pockets of the holders of that paper, including Primary Dealers. There will be record amounts of liquidity to fuel the markets until the end of the month. News flow will help decide which market benefits most. Treasuries should get the lion’s share.

Table of Contents
Treasury Auctions
Week Just Completed
Week Ahead
Treasury Auction Takedowns By Investor Class
Primary Dealer Trading
Bond Fund Flows
Bank Purchases Of Treasuries
Federal Government Cash Flows
10 Year Treasury Yield
US($) Dolor Index

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