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Why Mitt Romney Lost: Massive Backlash Against Voter Suppression Strategy

If there is one thing this election has proven, if there is one thing I have come to know, it is that Americans don’t like it when their right to vote is threatened. The very people whose votes the Republicans sought to suppress came out to vote. In places like Akron and Orlando and Denver and Milwaukee, they came. They waited in long lines and endured the indignities of poll workers. Yet they were not cowed. Today is their day. A day when they can look at one another and appreciate that they are truly a part of the history of civil rights in this country.

via Why Mitt Romney Lost: A Simple, Overriding Theory – Andrew Cohen – The Atlantic.

I have been tweeting this idea today, and just saw the above article. The immense backlash against the Republican strategy of swing state voter suppression is in large measure what tipped the scales to Obama in those states. The Republican strategy backfired. It was evil, and it got the result that it deserved. And that’s a good thing.

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