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Is death star on the horizon for Treasury panic bubble?

Here are 5 randomly selected bullet points from this report.

• The Primary Dealer Treasury buying panic reached a crescendo in the week ended June 6, leading to them selling since then.

• Commercial banks went back to reducing Treasury holdings after the huge surge the prior week. That level of buying is not sustai

• Treasury supply in the weeks ahead looks like it will be modest, with nothing sufficient to disrupt markets.nable.

• The 10 year Treasury Yield tested the lows as forecast last week. This should be a 6 month cycle low, but projections say a lower low in the 1.29 range is still possible, but not if stocks extend their rally.

• The dollar reached intermediate price objectives as well as a trend resistance line. It should consolidate, but still looks bullish longer term as the medium of exchange of the Last Ponzi Game standing. As I tweeted to Lauren Lyster today, who retweeted:

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