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Sandusky and How Things Work |

by Jorma

The Sandusky thing represents a broader aspect of how things work. To wit those at the top of powerful institutions, governmental, corporate, military or any other are protected by the institution and all its members. In addition government legal powers are taught to steer clear of those powerful institutions.

Sandusky was protected for various reasons all in the end having to do with protecting the institution that is Penn State Football. All those who looked the other way and didn’t even lift a finger to put him out to pasture probably had their own justifications.

Like the guy who saw him in the shower with the boy reported it and then, nothing. Did he go any further and report it to the civil authorities? Of course not. The guy was hoping to be the AD at some big time college someday. Throwing Penn State under the bus by exposing Sandusky would have deep sixed his career, branding him “not a team player.” Not a good company man.

The company man, the Party man, institutional man, always seeks to protect his company, his institution, his party, period. The whistle blower today is more likely to be punished. The whistle blower is a pariah. The whistle blower will never be allowed into an institution ever again.

Most here and in other such forums are not company men, from Doc (Lee Adler), who flunked Dale Carnegie, on down we are free to speak our minds because we are protecting nobody; not projecting the views of our institutions, parties or companies and their leaders. Of course that makes us nobodies.

Only those within organizations, especially now corporations have power. Only their words, filtered so as to fit the conventional wisdom have any power today. People who rise in corporations and institutions self select and the number one thing they select to do is to be a good organizational man. The individualist who may speak his mind at any time gets weeded out.

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