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Obama will bang on Bain Capital as fight heats up | Washington Examiner

A lot of political insiders in both parties think Bain Capital is pretty much a dead issue in the 2012 presidential campaign…

Except it’s not. Not only do President Obama’s strategists still believe Romney’s business record will be an effective issue, a new poll by a bipartisan firm suggests attacks on Romney’s past might play well in some key swing states this fall.

… pollsters read two statements to voters in several swing states, each statement appropriating the language of one side in the Bain debate.

The first was: “Private investment and equity firms help the American economy grow. They launch new companies and rebuild existing ones, including some of the biggest employers in America. Their work has created millions of jobs and will help drive America’s recovery.”

The second was: “Private investment and equity firms care only about profits and short-term gains for investors. When they come in, workers get laid off, benefits disappear, and pensions are cut. Investors walk off with big returns, and working folks get stuck holding the bag.”

The overall result in these swing states: Forty-seven percent agreed with the “care only about profits” description, while 38 percent picked the “help America grow” statement. That’s a significant amount of anti-Bain sentiment.

via Obama will bang on Bain Capital as fight heats up | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.

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