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Cameron Blames Europe but Balls says “Balls!”

(Reuters) – Prime Minister David Cameron will urge central banks on Monday to act to protect the global economy from the ravages of the euro zone debt crisis, and demand that the currency bloc’s biggest economic players work harder to resolve its problems….

Britain, the largest European economy outside the euro, has repeatedly blamed its own economic woes on the euro zone crisis…

Just last week, Britain’s central bank and government announced a plan to flood the country’s financial system with billions of pounds to try to get a recession-hit economy moving.

Critics at home argue Cameron’s seven-year austerity plan aimed at eliminating a record budget deficit is the real cause of Britain’s shrinking economy…

“This government made a reckless decision two years ago — raising taxes and cutting spending too far and too fast — which has left Britain in a much weaker position as the global hurricane builds around us,” said Ed Balls…

via Britain urges world’s central banks to act | Reuters.

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