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Why U.S. house prices won’t recover – MarketWatch

The fact that this writer is still relying on the Case Chiller shows that he’s a bit clueless, but I found it interesting that prices were back to 1955, 1986 and 1895 levels in real terms.  That seems like an argument to be bullish on house prices, not bearish.

By Jack Hough

When will U.S. house prices recover? Likely never. But that’s no reason not to buy.

The latest S&P/Case-Shiller numbers, reported last week, show that prices in 20 major markets declined 3.5% over the year through February. They’re now back to 2002 levels. If we subtract for inflation, they’re back to 1998 levels.

But consider: After subtracting for inflation, prices are also back to 1986 levels. And 1955 levels. And 1895 levels.

via Why U.S. house prices won’t recover – MarketWatch.

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