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Who will be the next Treasury secretary? | Felix Salmon

Glenn Somerville has one of the first of what will surely be many articles handicapping possible Treasury secretaries come January. We know we’re going to get a new one, whatever happens — Geithner won’t stay on for a second term.

Top of the list if Obama gets re-elected is Larry Fink, of Blackrock — he wants the job, and he has a pretty solid reputation in finance circles. I think the problem with Fink, though, is that the country has had enough of financiers at Treasury. I suspect that Obama will want Geithner’s successor to be a communicator — someone who can get through not only to the country at large (something Geithner’s never been good at) but also to Congress. And Fink is no man of the people.

It almost goes without saying that Jamie Dimon neither wants the job nor would ever be offered it, at this point.

via Who will be the next Treasury secretary? | Felix Salmon.

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