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The general, and the specific

The airwaves, the digital networks, the world – is awash with fears about the euro and Greece/Spain/Italy+.

The lack of growth and lack of believable policies that could lead to growth, drives the reluctance of investors to throw money at the market. And in any event, there is a shortage of money for risk-taking by the retail investor.

There are far too many cooks in the euro kitchen in the first place, and that on its own means that behind the window-dressing there won’t be any real co-operation.

Generally – things both look bad, and ARE bad. Generally – things are negative and there can be no clearcut direction; down is not going to happen because governments and five banks have mastered the art of superficial numbers.

Specifically – no one is looking for specifics, because the tone is generally bad and the assumption therefore is that there can be nothing specifically good.

Biggest mistake a serious investor will ever make.

Becoming blind to the specifically good (financial) story is a trap that virtually everyone is falling into.

Maths will win the day here: evidently there are a lot of people who can’t add up, in my view!

They certainly can’t seem to divide really little into really big.

I haven’t invested seriously big money for almost eight years. I am investing now. But I don’t expect indexes generally to firm because of anything I follow – like gold, for instance; I don’t expect it to go up fast or far at the moment. Gold is one of those ‘general’ things.

I am investing in specific companies and I like them. A LOT.

Australian companies.

The numbers just plain add up.

Calvin J. Bear

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