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Morgan Stanley made big bet on Facebook – Reuters

Morgan Stanley made big bet on Facebook
By Nadia Damouni and Olivia Oran | NEW YORK (Reuters) – Lead Facebook Inc (FB.O) underwriter Morgan Stanley (MS.N) took a bet earlier this week when it increased the size of the social networking firm's $16 billion initial public offering and it
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1 Comment

  1. Ole C G Olesen

    Some year ago ..a danish ..JEWELERY Business was ” sold” by the founders in an IPO . The event was super professional put on the market.. just like the current one ..and the founders scored ..BIG TIME !
    A year later .. the hyphe evaporated .. and those who bought this gimmick .. have lost the shirt !
    I have been using Facebook.. sometimes.. but infrequently over the Years.
    What is Facebook ? Does it produce anything? Can it not be exchanged with any other ” social media ” out there.. within a second of boredom ? Can I not communicate with those I want to communicate with a myriad of other ways ?
    How many hundred Billions are people willing to pay … for NOTHING ?
    I really must say .. this is the TULIPAN FRENZY … one more time …. and people .. will get hurt … but probably NEVER ….LEARN !

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