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Is CN-BS ‘freaking out’? – MarkupWatch


CN-BS's "long time good time" heavy duty anchor Maria Barfaroma shows the effects of too many late night "jam sessions" with Wall Street, uh... movers and shakers. Whole lotta shakin goin on.
CN-BS’s “long time good time” heavy duty anchor Maria Bararoma shows the effects of too many late night “jam sessions” with Wall Street, uh… movers and shakers. Yeah, that’s it. Whole lotta shakin goin on.

NEW YORK ( Hacker Murdoch’s MarkupWatch) — Hacker Murdoch’s MarkupWatch asks “Should CN-BS be “freaking out” over a tumble in Nielsen ratings?”

Nah. It is, after all, still the No. 1 financial-infomercial television network.

But CN-BS shouldn’t get too complacent, either.

CN-BS, according to a person familiar with the “situation,” recorded its sixth consecutive year of record financial performance in 2011, amassing about $400 million in operating profit. It is clearly one of the most lucrative and valuable members of the NBC Universal family of infomercial channels.

But there may be unrest in paradise, just the same.

The New York Daily Nudes (Sorry, not Hacker’s. that’s the Post), using “anonymous” (cough-cough, hack-hack) sources, says CN-BS executives are “freaking out” about a decline in ratings for shows featuring Maria Bararoma, the business-news network’s love you long time No. 1 star, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, the “respected” New York Times journalist. Sorkin is also the big headed author of “Too Big to Fail,”…

Hacker Murdoch also owns the Faux Business Channel which badly trails CN-BS in the ratings game. In fact, no one has ever actually seen Hacker’s network, but it is not surprising that the NY Daily Nudes and Hacker’s MarkupWatch is relishing the opportunity to make CN-BS look bad. But that’s not fair. It’s just too easy.

for details and more on this huge story Is CN-BS ‘freaking out’? – Jon Friedman’s Media Web – MarketWatch.

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