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FT Alphaville » Greece: when the lights go out

The desperate cunning scheme to get Greeks to pay property taxes by bundling them with electricity bills didn’t last long. You guessed it, people stopped paying their electricity bills and now it looks like the power company – which had to be bailed out last month – has stopped even trying to collect the levy.

From Ekathimerini, the Greek daily (emphasis ours):

Public Power Corporation (PPC) has already disengaged itself from involvement in the payment of the special property tax that had been incorporated into electricity bills.

Well-informed sources suggest that the new bills the company is issuing do not include the property levy despite the law providing for the first installment concerning 2012.

The decision, the same sources say, appears to have the acquiescence of the Finance Ministry.

PPC believes it has become clear that households cannot afford to pay electricity bills that are burdened further by the extraordinary property tax in the current recession conditions.

via FT Alphaville » Greece: when the lights go out.

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