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My Quick Take On the Housing Data

Some tweets on the housing data.

Lee Adler @Lee_Adler

Posted ImageLee Adler @Lee_Adler

  • NSA inventory revised down each month Nov to Feb. Completed units revised down 3 of the 4 months.

Posted ImageLee Adler @Lee_Adler

  • NSA actual sales revised up all months Nov. to Feb. First time I’ve seen that in 7 years of watching!

Posted ImageLee Adler @Lee_Adler

  • New house avg price up 11.7% y/y, 2nd straight inc. Avg $ more impacted by product mix.

Posted ImageLee Adler @Lee_Adler

This Week Will Tell If The Bear is Really Coming Out of Hibernation

Last week’s selloff did less damage than it may have felt like. The drop stopped in the area of 3 crossing uptrend lines, ranging in length from short term to long term. Here’s what would tell us whether the uptrend is still in force, or signal that something evil this way comes. I have added 8 new stocks to the swing trade chart pick list, including 2 shorts.
  • Due to over smoothing, Shiller has missed the turn. New house median sale price up 6.3% y/y. 2nd straight y/y inc.

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