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SPX Update: Indecision 2012

No material change in the counts since yesterday.  The S&P 500 (SPX) daily chart shows another indecision candlestick: in this case a dragonfly doji. This candlestick foretells of a reversal roughly half the time — in other words, it’s pretty random.  However, it does indicate an undecided market.

On the daily chart below, I’ve annotated some of the nearby support and resistance zones, both long and short term.  There is significant resistance directly overhead right now, so a consolidation or reversal may be in order.  Conversely, a breakout through this zone would target 1370-1380 next.

The market is also at something of a crossroads between the pink channel and the green channel.  A breakout through the top line of the pink channel could indicate there’s still a fair amount of momentum left in this move. 

The 10 minute chart is unchanged from yesterday.  If a top is going to form here, it may take a few sessions.  As I’ve said before, tops are usually a process; whereas bottoms are usually an event.

Again, until the trend channels are broken, there is no objective indication of a trend change.

The chart below shows the Nasdaq (COMPQ) daily and notes that the rally has again reached the underside of the old upsloping trendline off the March ’09 lows.  It also notes how overbought the market has become (in technical terms: “just a tad”).  If the Nasdaq breaks though this level, the next meaningful resistance doesn’t come in until around 3040 or so.

There is simply not much to add after yesterday’s action, which was essentially just a sideways/up grind.  The market has a lot of options for its next move, so until it either breaks out or breaks down, there’s no real way to project what happens next.  The market’s as overbought as it gets, and has been for some time — but an overbought market can always get more overbought.  If the Minor (2) count is still valid, then now’s the time for the rally to end — but the market did nothing yesterday to add or subtract confidence from that count.  So at this point, we’ll simply have to watch overhead resistance and the lower support zones for clues to the market’s next move.  Trade safe.

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