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Retailers Change the Calendar

Having been out to do a little “research” on Black Friday eve, I warned here then that the boost in Black Friday sales were only robbing from future weeks as stores opened longer hours, drawing in a younger crowd looking for bargains when there’s nothing else to do at midnight after Thanksgiving. Well, now the news is coming out that the ensuing couple of weeks have in fact been a disaster and retailers are scrambling.


When is the final Saturday before Christmas? Don’t bother consulting a calendar if you’re shopping at Macy’s, Sears or J. C. Penney.

They’ve moved it forward a week.

A sharp drop in shopping sinceThanksgiving weekend has prompted worried retailers to slash prices, extend specials, stay open later — and rewrite the calendar.

Usually one of the most heavily discounted shopping days of the year, the Saturday before Christmas — it falls on Dec. 24 this year — is too crucial to retailers’ holiday sales to be left in the hands of procrastinating Christmas Eve shoppers. Instead, many of the promotions pegged to “Super Saturday,” as the day is known in the retail industry, are now scheduled for this Saturday — a full eight days before Christmas.


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