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Printing of Fiat

The worlds Feds/banks are frantically attempting to fight the massive debt induced deflationary pressures by the only tool they have available, the printing press. By suppling created out of nothing fiat US dollars to their brothers and sisters in crime, the worlds bank, they are simply attempting to inflate asset values and somehow avoid or put off the inevitable collapse. But how can asset values increase in value if they are not only tied to fractal debt which creates a negative derivative spiral at the first signs of slow down but more importantly moving forward if there is zero or even negative real wage growth.
How can the Feds avoid or put off the inevitable? Through exorbitant real wage growth. The Feds should use the printing press not for the banks in this environment but use it to increase every workers wage growth over a period of time. This should reduce debt ratios, stimulate economic activity, and give the Feds what they so desperately need asset inflation. As asset inflate, the entire fractal debt driven derivative equation turns positive and de-leveraging should take hold. At which point corporations, flooded with cash, will see the real benefits to wage inflation and carry the mantle. This of course will not be sustainable since with all debt backed asset systems another bubble will emerge even greater throwing the entire equation negative. So everyone can expect to see a 50% wage increase in their next paycheck, lets buy stuff…………

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