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First Year Analyst to the 99%: "The Finance Industry is a Complete Scam!"

In an open letter posted on Reddit, a first year Wall Street analyst is doing his part to help Occupy Wall Street — by explaining how some of the things they’re most upset about actually work.

“I’m writing this in hopes that the OWS movement can have a better understanding of the hedge fund industry and the financial markets. With OWS being the zeitgeist of current politics, I think it’s important to know how exactly the hedge funds, along with the financial markets are destroying the 99%.”

He goes on to explain what a lot of people know about hedge funds and financial markets. They, the hedge funds, are titans, and you, the people, can’t compete. Only the super-wealthy (the 0.1%) can play the hedge funds’ game, and that means they’re the only ones who can win in financial markets.

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