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The Truth About ECRI’s Black Box, And Lakshman Achuthan’s Attacks On Wall Street

The Truth About ECRI’s Black Box, And Lakshman Achuthan’s Attacks On Wall Street
Dutch_Book, Stone Street Advisors|Nov. 11, 2011, 8:43 AM|1,950|20

Monday Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI (who I am still convinced is just Jeff Goldblum in a bald cap doing the longest method acting prep work of all time) was on Squawk Box and gave the cockiest interview I have ever seen.

You have to respect the marbles on a guy with no economics or mathematics training to speak of, calling out everyone on the street (never mind that a few shops are predicting recessions as well) saying that the firm for which he simply is the head of marketing and operations is infallible. It’s awesome stuff, markets are wrong, economists are idiots, him and his subscribers are the smartest people on the planet because they are the only people looking at forward looking indicators. Priceless. If you haven’t seen it yet I implore you to click through below.

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Skating on Thin Ice, Keep Life Preservers Handy

We may be skating on very thin ice here, but the weight of the evidence still supports a weak bull case for the near to intermediate term. So I’m adding buy picks on the chart pick list and adjusting trailing stops to account for the risk.

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