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Mongolian Capital To Fight Climate Change With Ice

Mongolian Capital To Fight Climate Change With Ice
Nov 17, 2011 12:18 PM EST0 Comments
By Andrew Webster

The city of Ulan Bator is hoping to combat the warmer summer climates with a giant block of ice.

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The capital city of Mongolia will beging work on the project this month, which is expected to cost around $618,000. As the giant chunks of ice — called naleds — melt, the hope is that they will both cool the air during the summer and provide water. This in turn will help to reduce energy use as things like air conditioners will be less needed.

“Everyone is panicking about melting glaciers and icecaps, but nobody has yet found a cheap, environmentally friendly alternative,” Mongolian geologist Robin Grayson told the Guardian. “If you know how to manipulate them, naled ice shields can repair permafrost and building cool parks in cities.”

Mongolian scientists credit the original idea to an un-named welder in Virginia.

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