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Italy and Spain’s bonds both 6%+ again

The market’s skepticism was reflected in the outcome of the Italian bond auction. The Italian Treasury on Monday sold 3 billion euros, or $4.1 billion, of five-year bonds priced to yield 6.3 percent — up nearly a full percentage point from the yield it paid at a similar auction last month, and the most it has had to pay to move such securities since June 1997, according to Bloomberg News.

On the secondary market, the yield on Italy’s 10-year bonds rose more than 20 basis points to near 6.7 percent, a level that makes it increasingly difficult for the country to straighten out its finances amid anemic economic growth.

Ten-year bond yields in Spain, another troubled euro zone economy, rose above 6 percent for the first time since August, when a spike in borrowing costs first prompted the European Central Bank to intervene

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