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Hitting the Road for a Few Days

This note is primarily for Professional Edition subscribers and regular readers of this website. The editor (that would be me) will be going on a northern walkabout for the next 6 days. I will heading for New York for a few days for meetings and holiday gatherings with friends of the Wall Street Examiner. Then it will be on to holiday base at the North Pole–well actually Quebec, but being a Floridian for the past 24 years, North Pole, Quebec, it’s all the same to me.

While I am traveling the Professional Edition will be on a severely reduced publication schedule until next Tuesday when regular publication will resume. In the meantime, I will attempt to push through interesting links and thoughts from our message boards to the home page here from time each day. I’ll also attempt to post brief updates of what I see in the markets when time permits.

As for Professional Edition publication, the market update will be published tonight (Tuesday 11/29), and may be published on Wednesday 11/30. It will not be published Thursday, Friday, or over the weekend. Monday is uncertain, depending on when we arrive in Montreal. Regular publication will definitely resume next Tuesday 12/6.

The Precious Metals report will be offline until next Tuesday 12/6. The Fed and Treasury updates will not be published this weekend. They will return December 8 or 9 through December 11.

Radio Free Wall Street podcasts will resume on Tuesday December 6.

I will be checking in on our message boards here and at from time to time.

I look forward to getting back to work next Tuesday and possibly having some interesting information for you from this trip. See you then!


  1. Roy

    I subscribed to your service since 11/28, unable to log in. Discover card showing it is under processing, no clue about what happen, but it is a very annoying discourage sign already at the very beginning.

  2. Lee Adler

    Hello Roy-

    I am extremely dissapointed to hear that you are having problems logging in. Your login is fully active immediately on my database, so I suspect that the issue is that you may be trying to access a report that is not part of the service package to which you subscribed, which was the stocks package. I will be posting a new report to that service shortly.

    Rather than go through the support process here, please contact me via the Support link in the top menu. That has both my email address and my phone number. The support page also includes a form for retrieving your user name and password.

    If you feel that you may have subscribed to a service package that is different from the one you wanted, I’ll be happy to change that for you. Just include that message in your email.

    I have been serving subscribers on this website for 10 years, and I try to do everything in my power to make sure the process of accessing the reports is simple and fast, and that if there are any misunderstandings that I clear them up quickly.

    I will be unavailable early in the day tomorrow, but will be online later in the afternoon. Please contact me again and let me know if you have been able to access the report you wanted. You can access last night’s report by going to Short Term Cycle Begins Up Phase –

    Again, I will be posting a new update shortly. For more information on the login process, click here-

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