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Decaying into a Police State

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

~George Orwell, 1984

The process is sadly well under way. And I am throwing in the towel on the American people for ushering in the police state. I’m not going to bother cataloging all the recent behavior, authoritative use of violence, lying rhetoric, or even to define what is a police state.

The line of events, from the patriot acts, the department of homeland security, the groping of children and senior citizens at airports, the wiretaps, rendition and torture, the expansion of wars and assassinations, up to the suppression of Occupation Wall Street protests, are part of the historic record.

As is the blatant serial betrayal and misuse of trust, granted the political leaders and perversely twisted against us, most obviously with wars and bailouts, as prequel to the inevitable misuse of trust in the police state the public had granted, and will have used against them down the future line. No police state in history has ever acted otherwise, and the American one will not be the first.

A police state in the USA can only take hold with the acquiescence of the people. That prerequisite has been met. Most recently reconfirmed with the acceptance of police violence in several cities, inflicted upon OWS protesters. Acceptance being the absence of tens of thousands of citizens in the streets, demanding arrest and prosecution of the police officers who committed violence. But like the bankers, mortgage brokers and other criminals, these have gone un-investigated and uncharged. The number of American people demanding justice is miniscule.


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