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2 BIG papermills just reopened in Maine – but at $11 to $19/hr

Returning workers will get their old wages, up to $21/hr, but new workers will get $11/hr for the first 4 years. Millinocket & EMillenocket will get around $2 million yearly in property taxes, the logging industry just got a huge boost in the arm, and us pulpwood land owners will get a bit less dead market.

There was an NPR segment on this a few nights ago. Some people complained about the wages, saying it was the same a few decades back, and that they weren’t going to work that cheaply. But the old-timers said “My family did it when I was growing up; you can do it now. Cookbooks are 25 cents at any used book store, buy some flour, beans, raw fruit & vegetables, and learn to cook. It’s hard to live on $11/hr, but you can do it.”

This, and Rick Perry’s Texas, is the future of most of America’s kids. I sincerely doubt they’re going to leave the WallSt banks to continue to rape & pillage the currency.


Final note: Despite the great work they did in the past, f**k the unions. The union at these mills agreed to a contract that pays existing workers twice what the new starts get, and the new starts have to live with that arrangement for four years.

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