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Understanding the Source of Wealth Inequality in America

With the OWS movement leaving many Americans confused as to whether they should support or stay away, one thing is for certain, Americans are aware of a certain truth that is happening in our country. We have a certain combination of events that is leaving many people struggling and asking very good questions.

The truth is this; We have structurally high unemployment, salaries are stagnant, debt burdens are rising, costs for education, health and energy are on the rise and we are increasingly overwhelmed with clear and present danger coming from every corner of the earth.

To make matters worse the ruling elite of this country and the very wealthy are continuing to benefit while the remainder of the population struggles. This is the appeal of the OWS movement despite the fact that the members making up the movement are advocating entirely unappealing solutions in the form of wealth distribution, punishing success and other hard left ideologies.

Of course in a country where American Idol and the Jersey Shore are better known than who currently runs the Federal Reserve it is hardly a wonder that cries for Socialism just sound appealing. To further exacerbate the overall ignorance of the populace our education system and emphasis on history and economics appear to be tilted in the direction that highlight correlation and anecdotal evidence rather that fundamentals and causation.

So let us tackle this “explanation” of inequality which is now being circulated on the internet and shared on Facebook with proud posters feeling rather enlightened about their “discovery”. Unfortunately the explanations are nothing more than illusory and are further fueling the partisan divide and the protests against the “haves” of the society. The explanations either blame capitalism or Congressional policy favoring the rich.


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