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The World Will End On October 21

The doomsayer who swore that the world was going to end on May 21, Harold Camping, is doubling down.

Last spring, you’ll recall, Camping predicted that “The Rapture” would arrive as a series of rolling earthquakes beginning at precisely 6PM on May 21.

God was well aware of time zones, Camping said, and therefore understood that 6PM was a rolling event around the world. This allowed us to establish links to live web-cams, so our readers could watch the world end in real-time, starting in Auckland, New Zealand.

Of course, the world didn’t end. But, despite suffering a stroke in June, Camping isn’t backing down. Last spring, he quickly admitted to some disappointment that the world hadn’t ended, but immediately changed his forecast to October 21. And now he says that the rapture did, in fact, commence on May 21, it’s just that no one noticed.

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