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The Truth Is Going Global

A chance encounter with a night clerk in Paris offers insight into the power of truth and the World Wide Web.

Amidst the endless flood of propaganda (“there is no recession, Europe is about to fix all its problems in one fell swoop, a new Bull market is underway,” etc.) a trend of long-term importance is emerging: the truth is going global.

By the “truth” I refer not to some eternal truth, but to an understanding that the financial model presented by the Status Quo as “reality” is in fact an illusion that serves the interests of those controlling massive concentrations of wealth and political power. Simply put, the present-day financial Status Quo is unsustainable, and it will devolve or collapse under its own weight of internal instabilities and lies.

There is no way to track how many people around the world are awakening to the understanding that everything that the mainstream media presents to them as financial reality is a distortion aimed at managing their perceptions and gaining their passive acceptance of the Status Quo as “good for you” or at least “permanent.”


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