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I’m starting to think next Pres. will be crazy person

I’m starting to think that one of these nut jobs will be our next President. Obama has tried to play it safe, and there’s no endeavor in the world where you can overcome great odds by taking no chances. And he faced great odds as we all know.

But here we are, almost 2012, and the naked manipulation of the global economy for the benefit of a handful of bankers and financiers continues unabated. Granted, Obama could not do much to abate it, but he threw nary a punch, best I can tell. In fact, he appears to have aided and abetted the process.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but he hired Larry Summers. What battle cry could that inspire? The country is so mad at this point that they could do anything. By election day, it may devolve to a “May the best demagogue win” scenario. Obama might have won that contest as an outsider, and he can ratchet up the rhetoric, but at this late stage, voters are not going to be able to suspend their disbelief to fall for it.

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