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General Strike discussion

Here’s the scoop on the general strike discussion on twitter.

First the call was for Black Friday, although some objected since almost everybody is off that day anyway (but if you’re looking to cripple the machine, that would be the day). Next (or at least the next thing I saw) was a discussion of May 5. Although “discussion” on twitter is a misnomer. But May 5 was way way too far in the future for some of the OWS crowd. They’ll be old by then.

Now the Oakland thing has them calling for a general strike on Nov. 2. Not clear on whether this will be limited to Oakland or not.

I doubt that Joe Six Pack is fired up enough to do a general strike (particularly now that he’s relieved of all that Greece/Euro tension), but they do seem to be pretty pissed in Oakland right now.

The entire general strike thing might be wishful thinking on the part of OWSers.

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