The Recession Has Created a New "Lost Generation"

New census data released today reveals that the recession has made American 20 to 30-somethings into a Lost Generation of unemployed and underemployed, the AP reports.

According to conomists, this trend will continue through the decade, and when its over, it will take another decade for this generation to fully recover.

The dream of going to college, getting a degree, finding a job, and striking out on your own has dissipated, leaving only staggering numbers. Only 2.4% of college graduates find jobs that motivate them to move out of state. So they go home.

5.9 million members of The Lost Generation will leave college and return home to live with their parents, that’s 25% more than the last recession. Most of them are men.

When they do get home, this generation will work odd jobs until they can start careers. But only a little over half of them make it to that point (55.3%).

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