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The Endgame: Europe Is Finished

Wow, amazing how ugly things look when the banksters don’t have the government in their back pocket to issue a $1 trillion TARP bailout. The article below portrays JPM and BAC as smelling like roses compared to European banks. That’s quite a trick. Doesn’t European banks know about mark-to-fantasy accounting like US banks? They just need to subtract a few zeros here and add few zero there. Done and done!

Importantly, France GDP is only 2 trillion and in bank balance sheets are some 400% of that number. The banks are dead men walking with massive leverage to both home country income as well as assets. The governments are about to take charge and Europe as a whole is about to embark on a sloppy financial market socialization process that has been held back for nearly 2 years by 3 bailouts. The weak links will not be able to raise enough Euros/wipe out enough private sector equity to get this done, so there will be EMU members that need to exit and use a reintroduced currency for this process. We put a Greek drachma on the front cover of our Global Fixed Income Monthly 20 months ago for a reason.

source: http://www.zerohedge…europe-finished

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