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The CERN experiments

As I had preciously suggested here and especially to one or two members privately, the CERN experimenters are now confirming publicly that they are proceeding to open out observations of tests they have been conducting that show some particles are travelling faster than the speed of light.

What I am aware of is that at minimum one technical expert and two theoretical physicists fromn CERN have ‘disappeared’ into an obscure world controlled by huge German and Italian or Swiss corporations and totally away from any chance of public scrutiny or questioning. There is little doubt from who is involved and why they would do this kind of thing, that there is already sufficient proof to move towards thinking about ways to commercialise the findings. American scientist Ronald Mallett is a key person in the understandings of why this observation is possible.

I do know which corporations are behind the funding of the scientists who have gone to work for them and all I can say is it is not a field that most people might expect; it has to do with industrial solvents and detergents and chemistry and things like that.

Calvin J. Bear

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