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Bernanke: "U.S. bank exposure to ChocoZone is…

Ya gotta give Bernanke credit for being THE most consistent clueless (or lying) Fed Politburo Head, ever.

For, as reported here:

…our own loveable, Pigman in Chief is now soothingly cooing that the U.S. bank’s:


…exposure to the crippled ChozoZone banks is “manageable”.

Yeah, just like Bernanke was assuring Congress that “Subprime is contained” back in 2007, before that particular Ponzi scheme imploded…taking down Fannie/Freddie/FHLBs and every single Pigman financial gambler on the planet.

(Spock Conclusion): Well, it’s been EXACTLY three-years to the day since the GSEs imploded and I’m sorry to report that NOTHING has changed:

1. Same Alpha Thugs and Pigmen in charge

2. Same Ponzi Monetary System in operation

3. Same lies being told.

4. Same sheeple clueless as ever.

…so please forgive me if I remain a little cynical and bitter regarding the prospects of us EVER seeing meaningful reform to our political/economic system.

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