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Bank of America begging to become Bonnie Mae

With bad news stories like this:

…and this:

…and BAC’s stock price crashing like this:

…one has to ponder as to whether Bank of America will survive through the long weekend, giving new meaning to the term “Labor Day” for the thugs in charge.

(Spock Conclusion): Just when I relax and let down my guard for a couple of days…WHAM!!!…and now I’m right back into “Scroom-Monitor-Mode”, having to scan doom-and-gloom Websites and blogs (and even mainstream financial media sites) for signs that BAC is gonna be converted to “Bonnie Mae”, as she is absorbed into the ever-growing belly of the Thug Beast.

Or, will JPM once again be involved in a “shotgun wedding” and take on this disease-riddled bride, with Uncle Thug presiding as the preacher?

Inquiring Spock’s will be on the lookout for further developments.

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