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Are the GOP and DEMS really this stupid?

I was struck by the irony of the GOP’s populist threats against the FED, and the DEMs support of the FED.

I for one do not think that politicians are a stupid as most people think they are. They have been doing exactly what they need to do to get re-elected. They know that if they did the right thing, for the long term future of our country, the short term pain would cost them their job, because we as voters are too spineless and short sighted to wait and see how responsible measures really play out.

Then I see the GOP criticizing the FED. Does the GOP not realize that the primary beneficiary of the FEDs largess and commitment to keeping asset prices unrealistically levitated is the GOP constituency!

Furthermore, do the DEMs realize that the FEDs commitment to the financial sector over the real value added conomy (where 80%+ of people still work) is a primary factor in the squeezing of the average American?

Maybe they really are complete morons…. I am utterly baffled…

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