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Actual Advance in "War Against Cancer"

Here’s an article showing the advances in biotechnology, which I believe to be the next “innovation wave” to advance during the next K-cycle spring.

The problem, of course, is that it won’t employ that many people.

However, this, along with newly grown organs, is an excellent step in making life less painful:

A year ago, when chemotherapy stopped working against his leukemia, William Ludwig signed up to be the first patient treated in a bold experiment at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Ludwig, then 65, a retired corrections officer from Bridgeton, N.J., felt his life draining away and thought he had nothing to lose
At first, nothing happened. But after 10 days, hell broke loose in his hospital room. He began shaking with chills. His temperature shot up. His blood pressure shot down. He became so ill that doctors moved him into intensive care and warned that he might die. His family gathered at the hospital, fearing the worst.Doctors removed a billion of his T-cells — a type of white blood cell that fights viruses and tumors — and gave them new genes that would program the cells to attack his cancer. Then the altered cells were dripped back into Mr. Ludwig’s veins.

A few weeks later, the fevers were gone. And so was the leukemia.”


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