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Professional Edition Precious Metals Quick Update

I am in NYC this morning, where it is a beautiful day. I don’t have access to all my tools and data while traveling, but here’s a quick update for Professional Edition Precious Metals Report. The full report will return in its usual format Friday AM.

The 9-12 month cycle projection has now risen to 1700. The 13 week and 4 month cycle projections are now pointed in the vicinity of 1712. Intermediate cycle indicators continue to strengthen, and the long term indicators actually improved as a result of the action of the past few days. Of course, that only counts if it sticks at the end of the weekly measurement period for that chart, but as of now, all systems look go.

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On the gold stock screens, there’s been just minor improvement, not enough to get excited about. The one stock pick is holding its gains and continues to look good but needs to consolidate as it runs up against resistance.

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